Month: March 2016

Dress up for spring

Something that every Surrey Housekeeper will tell you is that second to a perfectly clean and managed home is a perfectly dressed home. As we change our clocks for British Summer Time, housekeepers everywhere will be busying themselves with Spring cleaning. Aside from the deep down clean that happens winter’s fur, tartan or tweed cushions rugs and throws will be sent out for cleaning and then packed away. Out will come lighter brighter springlike soft furnishings.

In the same way dressing your home with seasonal flowers will make all the difference. Adding beautiful bright colours and a lovely fresh scent. Depending on the style of your home arrangements can be hotel-like or in simple vases for a cottage-style vibe. Of course many local florists will offer weekly or fortnightly contracts to dress your hallway and living spaces. Many housekeepers however have an artistic eye and will be able to pick arrangements that will perfectly fit your home.