Month: November 2018


It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner and no matter how prepared you think you are, a good housekeeper is always one step ahead.


Even if you’ve not invited guests during the festive period, you should always expect the unexpected at Christmas. Whether it’s family turning up unannounced, or a friend popping over with a bottle of Christmas cheer. It’s all about being prepared.
So, what is the key to a stress free festive season and how can we achieve it whilst remaining calm, collected and fashionably on trend?

Pick a theme for decorating your house, choose a colour way that enhances your home and pick out items in stores as soon as you see them. The wow factor is what you need to impress.

An organised housekeeper will make a note of the last delivery times for your online shop. Fill your digital basket as and when you see festive treats. It’s all about saving time.

A clean home lifts your mood, if you have a housekeeper on board, this is a given, a little extra polish goes a long way especially at this time of year.

No matter what’s on the festive menu, a holiday table deserves a special touch. Add sparkle and shine with a showstopper of a centre piece and if you really are out to impress, hiring a chef for that one special day really does raise the bar whilst allowing time for a little well deserved self-indulgence.

When hosting Christmas lunch for family and friends, it a good idea to buy small individual table gifts to add to the fun… isn’t it nice to make people feel loved?

You’ll agree that nothing beats getting into a freshly laundered bed whilst ensuring you have ample linen available at all times. A good housekeeper will go that extra mile with little festive toiletries to make your guests feel extra special.

Having an experienced helping hand at this time of year is all part and parcel of a wonderful holiday season for everyone. One last and important note to remember… allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy YOUR Christmas.

For more information on recruiting domestic staff contact:
Tel: 01372 469378

BYFLEET – Housekeeper Full Time Live In

Full time live in housekeeper required for a busy family of 5 in Byfleet
The candidate must be able to work independently and ensure the home is maintain to a high standard
Cleanliness is key and the candidate needs to be experienced with great product knowledge
The family require around 40-45 hours per week
Own suite within the main house with own private utilities.
Candidate must drive with own car
£450 net per week

WEYBRIDGE – Full time housekeeper on a daily basis

Monday to Friday housekeeper required for a 10 bedroomed house on St Georges Hill, Weybridge
The candidate must work to an immaculate standard
Be aware of products and their uses
Ensure the house is kept immaculate at all times
Driver would be great as location is slightly remote
Must enjoy the company of children although nannying is not required
Hours 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday
£500 net per week