About Us

Alison O'Neill - Surrey Housekeepers

Surrey and Berkshire Housekeepers together with London Private Staff comprises of a small yet dedicated team with one simple goal: not only do they wish to provide solutions for all domestic needs, Amanda and Alison are determined to provide these solutions with style.

It is not difficult to employ someone, however, the challenge lies in employing the right person for the right job.  From housekeepers to estate managers, from butlers to PA’s, the duo interview every candidate as if we are selecting them for their own homes.  “It is a given that all of the people we employ are of the highest standard and have impeccable references. Yet we insist on something extra. Likeability coupled with the utmost professionalism. We call this the elegance factor.”This ethos has served the co-founders well as their repeat business and client recommendations are the most vital and important aspect of their continuing growth in placing private staff.

“As well as providing a unique service, we see the business as an ongoing relationship on a very personal level.

“We strive to provide for our clientele’  diverse requirements. Every home is different, every family unique.”

If you wish us to visit you in your home to discuss any particularly requirements please contact: info@ajapartnerships.co.uk. Alternatively please fill out this short form and a member of the team will be in touch.


Amanda Cooper - Surrey Housekeepers