Every week there seems to be a new story about “Cycling being the new golf”.

So why has cycling become ever increasingly popular with men and women alike and why has golf become a little more of a second rate cousin?  The appeal of golf has almost become it’s undoing.  Modern life thrives on a fast and frenetic paced choice of exercise whereas golf’s appeal is a little more meditative and doesn’t tick the box of the busy mind.

Cycling is a beautiful sport and more and more people have caught the cycling bug.  So why is this? What is it about being on 2 wheels that makes so many people happy?  Firstly the health benefits are clear to understand.  Participants feel healthier, physically fitter with generally happier.  Anxiety can be alleviated and depression can be lifted.

We all know the golf course can replicate the boardroom and some of the best business deals have been struck in this environment.  Cycling is no different for networking, a group of 20 cyclist can involved 20 industries, what a way to professionally connect.  It’s a sport that literally anyone can do, it has no class and it is certainly not elitist.

Sounds like we should all park the car, dust off our bikes and ride in the saddle of this sport that’s taken over our roads.